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Real estate isn’t just about beautiful houses and nice people. It’s a serious business that deals with the most valuable asset most of us will ever own. Unfortunately, the bulk of most people’s knowledge of real estate is comprised of what they watch on House Hunters.

With As Is, Joan Herlong brings expertise to an industry full of hobbyists. Her informative book empowers readers with everything they need to know about doing real estate the right way, whether you’re a buyer, a sellers, or considering a career in the field.

With a well-earned reputation for expertise, fairness, and unrelenting advocacy, Joan has often been called upon for advice, even occasionally by agents from other companies when their own brokers were not readily available or supportive.



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Joan Herlong
CEO | Realtor | Author

Joan Herlong is the owner and CEO of Joan Herlong & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty. Over the past three decades, Joan has personally negotiated over 1,000 successful deals and assembled a team that has propelled her business to the top of Greenville real estate.

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Learn from a bonafide real estate professional

Guided by the principles of honor, advocacy, and expertise, Joan Herlong’s critical take on the state of her industry should be a wake-up call to buyers, sellers, and practitioners alike to start treating real estate like the high-stakes, deeply personal undertaking that it is.

Addressing audiences of agents, aspiring agents, buyers, or sellers, Joan’s enlightening and entertaining insights hold the power to transform her industry. Real estate stakeholders at every level need to expect more.

Real Estate Realities

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The Buyer’s Expectations

Learn the basics of setting the right expectations and figuring out whether an agent is the right person to represent you.