Learning from teaching

Anyone can become an “expert” by watching a handful of YouTube videos or taking a training class. The real experts, though, are the ones who are continually learning, expanding their abilities, and helping others along the way.

While I have had a lot of amazing mentors and supporters in my real estate adventure (to call it a journey would be an understatement), a lot of what I have learned has come from experiences — bad, good, and boring. They all played a part in shaping what I know.

And you need to let them shape you.

Every time I meet with my Associates — at least once a month as a group – I share the previous month’s Teaching Moments.

They participate in their respective Teaching Moments. Each time an agent takes the floor, they gain experience in briefly explaining a problem, how they worked through it, and identifying what they learned. It’s an interactive experience, where we all learn from each other. A question and answer period leads to more discussion (never a monologue….that belongs in a movie or TV show…discussion is where you learn). Ideally, everyone leaves the meeting a little wiser for it. In turn, the other agents share what they learned with their clients when they face a similar situation or problem.

I can honestly say that by teaching my agents what I know, I’ve learned and educated myself.

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