As Is: An Insider’s Guide to Real Estate


Industry insights from South Carolina’s top seller

Early in her book As Is: An Insider’s Guide to Real Estate, Joan Herlong states, “I speak house.” She understands every aspect of the real estate business.

In this lighthearted and informative book, Joan showcases 30+ years of experience helping home buyers and sellers make educated, informed decisions and wise investments. With hilarious true stories from her life in the real estate trenches, she pulls back the curtain on the real estate “profession,” revealing everything readers need to know about real estate but never thought to ask.

From how to choose the most effective agent, to how your listing price can help to advertise your home, to how to find a house you won’t just fall in love with, but love living in, Joan shares the secrets to navigating the often confusing world of real estate and coming out a winner.


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