Let Joan help you get the most out of real estate


Honor. Advocacy. Expertise.

Based on the three pillars of her real estate philosophy, Joan Herlong’s candid, no-nonsense and enlightening talks will honor every person you work with. Advocate for your clients, and provide a level of expertise that can only be earned from doing a lot of hard work — the kind of hard work that saw Joan personally closed deals in excess of $388 million—a figure greater than any individual or team in the Greater Greenville Multiple Listing Service (GGAR) since 2010.

Pulling back the curtain.

Troubled by the amateur agents who lead people astray throughout the biggest transaction of their lives, Joan encourages all real estate stakeholders to expect more, and as her teaching moments unfold, they learn what more they need to be demanding from their experience.


Joan’s Teaching Moments

Addressing audiences of agents, aspiring agents, buyers, sellers or business leaders, Joan’s enlightening and entertaining insights hold the power to transform her industry. Her mantra is real estate stakeholders at every level need to expect more. Having Joan speak to your team will make it yours.

Joan Herlong is guided by the principles of honor, advocacy, and expertise, and you will learn that first hand. Her critical take on the state of her industry should be a wake-up call to buyers, sellers, and practitioners alike to start treating real estate like the high-stakes, deeply personal undertaking that it is.