Know what your expectations should be

Based on your responses, you’ve either had a negative experience with a buyer agent in the past or you’re perhaps experiencing some anxiety about your current arrangement. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. A positive experience with an adept buyer’s agent begins with a very frank and comprehensive discussion about your criteria and budget, who represents whom, how often you’re going to communicate with each other, using what media, how your agent is going to be compensated, and when.

You should expect transparency. Every Realtor should be honest – that’s a given. But there’s a difference between honesty and candor. An effective buyer agent will provide you with proactive, candid advice. They will head off obstacles you might not even consider.

Step one: do a little research. Be sure to confer with more than one buyer agent before you sign anything with anyone. Ask questions, such as how long have they been at this? A Realtor can indeed be green and good, so don’t rule someone out for being new. But if they are new, what kind of backing or mentor do they have? How available is their boss (Broker-in-Charge) to them? Do they have experience in the neighborhoods you’re interested in? This is not a time to be quiet and hope for the best. This is your life and if they want to be involved, you have a right to know if they’re capable.

On the flip side, the agents you interview should be asking you questions, too. Such as, have you been pre-approved for financing? What’s your time frame? Do you have to sell in order to buy? When is your current lease up? If they’re not quizzing you, it could mean that they’re either too passive, or they don’t know what questions to ask.

Trust your gut. If you have any doubts, or if the agent takes a while to get back to you, or never seems to have the answer, then they aren’t the right fit. You aren’t the expert, so be sure you’re working with an agent who has reached a level of true expertise.

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